Santa Slider Card

This is my famous Santa slider card made by me for a class.
The class was 10 cards of the Santa slider, so I was the teacher and I had 20 students for that class.
I print 200 faces and cut with a circle punch to make the Santa face.
Then I trace from my template to the card stock 400 sleeves, pants, boots, gloves. 100 collar, belt, beard, moustache and hat, and punched 1,000 tiny black holes for the buttons.
And took each picture for my tutorial of almost 5-6 pages, step by step. Crazy! but true.
Everybody loved the card. The class was closed and there was people begging me for a spot in the class. I said no more, if you want a tutorial, you have to pay for it and do it yourself, they do.
I didn't want to see more Santa for the rest of the year (last year!)


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