Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love My New Owls Template!!!

I was looking for some cool blog template with owls and I finally found it for free. I love it!!! You can get your free or custom templates for your blog here

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Cards 2011

Black and White Negative Card

I did this black and white card using black cardstock with white ink and white cardstock with black ink (in the picture looks like gray, but the ink is black). Also I used white and black pearls.
I stamped the whole design in the same position (using the stamp ruler positioner) so you can see when you cut in half the design match.
Cut card size- 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and then cut in half (use 3 pieces of black and 3 of white cardstock). Depending on the size of the image you are using, cut a mat and use in this way):
1st card
stamped image black-white
2nd card
stamped image white-black
Also instead of using rectangles, you can use your imagination and use shapes like circles, squares, scallop, hearts, flowers, etc....

Valentine Cards February 2011

Here are some Valentine Cards I made for February 2011.

Jewelry by Rosie 2010-2011

I Started a new hobby on September 2010. I wanted to try to do some jewelry. I went to the internet and watch some tutorials of how to do jewelry. It seem to be easy, so I went to the craft store and purchased the basic kits to do beginner jewelry. Let me tell you I spent $100 in the basic kits for the first time. I was crazy when I saw all the beads, colors, charms and stuff to do jewelry. I learned pretty quickly how to do, just watching tutorial videos of how to do. Look what I did!!!!
I sold some of them to my family and friends, some i give to the teachers as a Christmas presents, some to my family and friends and even my little niece. Some I donate to the school raffle for fundraising.