Black and White Negative Card

I did this black and white card using black cardstock with white ink and white cardstock with black ink (in the picture looks like gray, but the ink is black). Also I used white and black pearls.
I stamped the whole design in the same position (using the stamp ruler positioner) so you can see when you cut in half the design match.
Cut card size- 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and then cut in half (use 3 pieces of black and 3 of white cardstock). Depending on the size of the image you are using, cut a mat and use in this way):
1st card
stamped image black-white
2nd card
stamped image white-black
Also instead of using rectangles, you can use your imagination and use shapes like circles, squares, scallop, hearts, flowers, etc....


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