Jewelry by Rosie 2010-2011

I Started a new hobby on September 2010. I wanted to try to do some jewelry. I went to the internet and watch some tutorials of how to do jewelry. It seem to be easy, so I went to the craft store and purchased the basic kits to do beginner jewelry. Let me tell you I spent $100 in the basic kits for the first time. I was crazy when I saw all the beads, colors, charms and stuff to do jewelry. I learned pretty quickly how to do, just watching tutorial videos of how to do. Look what I did!!!!
I sold some of them to my family and friends, some i give to the teachers as a Christmas presents, some to my family and friends and even my little niece. Some I donate to the school raffle for fundraising.


Frances said…
Wow - you do learn fast!! You are very talented, everything you make is lovely Rosie, I also have a bag-full of jewellery beads, and findings - but that's as far as I got LOL!! I bought heaps of beads when I was in Chile last time as they were really cheap there, but a bargain isn't a bargain unless you use it, right?? Saludos!

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